GRAiT Console Release Notes

Oct. 11, 2018

We are excited to bring you the latest update to the GRAiT Console. All the details you need are below, but just in case you have any questions feel free to contact our Support Team or your Account Manager.

Layout Updated

The updated console design retains the same functionality but moves the existing tabs ("Projects" "Intelligence Center" "Photos" etc.) to a collapsible menu at the left hand side of the screen. The same tabs direct users to the same modules as before - find the Admin Settings tab at the very bottom left of the page.

Inventory Center

A brand new inventory and parts tracking module allows users to create part storage locations and associate the locations with each other in a hierarchy. Users can add, remove or transfer parts to/from part locations. Watch out for an email coming soon on an in-depth webinar on this new module!

Organization Summary Reports

Build complex reports without the GRAiT System query tool with the return of organization summary reports. Hover over the "+" beside "REPORTS" in the Intelligence Center and then select "Organization Summary Report." Select and deselect desired data to filter in and out based on asset types, projects and more!

Ticket Center Upgrades

In addition to the GPS, List and Plan views, the ticket center now includes a Board view and a Calendar view. The board view allows for dragging and dropping of tickets to update status. The calendar view displays all scheduled tickets on a monthly, weekly or daily view.

Allow creation of repeating tickets

Use the calendar icon beside the Ticket Required Date Field to open the recurring ticket dialog. You can indicate the number of times per day, week, month or year you'd like you ticket to recur. The future tickets are created automatically upon saving with Required Dates as scheduled.

Allow creation of multiple tickets at once

Create identical tickets at the same time across various assets by using the new ticket creation dialog to select multiple instances. Use the asset types field to filter the instances list by type.

And More!

-The system now detects if you've assigned a ticket to yourself and will not send you an email notification about the ticket.

-User management is improved with the introduction of 'Pending' users and consolidation of invitations tab.

-Event creation is consolidated into one screen (exception: ticket creation) for quicker and easier scheduling.

-Contact the Raxar Customer Success and Support teams for assistance importing tickets - the UI now enables massive ticket imports without development support.

-Tickets now display info about their most recent update and can also be assigned to a container.

-Intelligent query builder only displays joined tables in dropdown menus for simpler query creation.[KB1]

[KB1]Redirect to release notes page to see these additional updates

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