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Console update on 11/11/18

App update on 11/14/18, Version 2.8.19

Here is the app update overview!

Here's what's in store for the new App:

  • Swipe to sync - Swipe down from the top part of the screen to synch from the Home Screen or the Project Screen
  • Enhanced plan viewer - Plans render in up to 9-times (!!!) higher quality, depending on device performance
  • Project Screen search bar - Now search for projects in the home screen
  • Quick scroll to the top of lists - use the ^ icon to scroll immediately to the top of any projects, assets, tickets list

Tons of Ticket enhancements!

  • Multiple assignees - following the console, you can now assign multiple users to a single ticket
  • Quick edit update status - Switch to quick edit mode and skip 2 steps when updating ticket status!
  • Press/hold to edit - Press and hold down a ticket to quickly update ticket attribute details.
  • Move a ticket to a different instance/project, which has been possible in the web console, but never the app!.
  • Duration, equipment, container fields added - Upgraded to match ticket enhancements rolled out in the web console

Here is the console update overview!

Layout Updated

  • "Projects", "Intelligence Center" and other tabs moved to a collapsible menu left of screen.
  • Admin Settings tab now found at the very bottom left of the page.
Organization Summary Reports

  • Build complex reports without the GRAiT System query tool with the return of organization summary reports.
Parts / Inventory Center

  • Brand new inventory and parts tracking module.
  • Create part storage locations.
  • Link the locations with each other in a hierarchy.
New Ticket Module Features

  • Create repeating tickets
  • Create multiple tickets at once
  • Ticket Center upgrades

Please let us know if you have any questions! Contact us at or you can reach out to your account executive for more information.