Access to the New App Highlights


App update on 06/23/19, Version 2.8.20

Here is the app update overview!

Mobile Ticket Center:

The power of Raxar's ticket center, on the go! The ticket center is a tickets-only view of the app and comes with even more filtering power - perfect for creating, managing and closing tickets in the field!

Enhanced Floorplans!

Plans get another upgrade! The highest resolution and most efficient rendering of floorplans in-app to date. Plus, complete elimination of any coordinate mismatches!

Improved Synchronization:

Upgrades to the database and the GRAiT System API mean you can sync more data faster than ever, while scalable servers allow for seamless surges in user activity! These enhancements pave the way for an exciting update to the web console, expected in the coming weeks!

Please let us know if you have any questions! Contact us at or you can reach out to your client success manager for more information.