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Custodial / Housekeeping Management Solution Suite

A Squeaky clean standard That's easy to maintain

  • Eliminate the pain of manual scheduling cleaning tasks
  • Take control of your work orders, quality inspections, and time in a single solution
  • Never miss a task, increase efficiency, and make complex scheduling much simpler.

Let us help you! We believe in our software so much that we will provide a FREE consultation with a recommendation analysis report in order to help you improve your Venue’s quality, compliance and efficiency.

Easily match task to the right workers

Be able to quickly choose the available resource that can get the job done

Make scheduling simply by having everything in one view

See workers, tasks, their current status, resources and other valuable info to make the scheduling process easier.

Automate routine tasks across teams

Be able to set and forget routine tasks that need to be completed on a regular basis with our intelligent scheduling, such as Work Orders

Manage incoming task requests all the way through closure

Take requests from departments like Guest Services, dispatch them, and track them through to completion

Ready to make your entire cleaning operation more effective?

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Work Order Management Solution

The Raxar Work Order Solution is powerful and flexible so your scheduling and dispatch team can let your custodial staff now instantly of any work order request. This in turn boosts efficiency, supports fast turn around times and give you the intelligence and reporting to know you are improving.

Mobile Work Orders

Tracking all of your work orders and managing prevention can be a daunting task. That is why we build our system to do the heavy lifting for you, from notifying the appropriate worker to tracking time and associated cost items.

Work Order Command Center

Manage every incoming work order request, see its current status, assignees, and collaborate in real time. Our command center incorporates an intuitive board view design so you eliminate the complication and get the job done faster. 

Location Based Asset and Equipment Inventory

Your team will know exactly where they need to go to handle an issue by being able to access directions through GIS and/or floor plans.

Quality Self Inspections 

Tie your work orders directly to self inspections that your team are performing so that they can open a work order directly from their checklist, tag its location and notify the appropriate person or team. 

custodial work order management

5 mins

average work order response time across all facility service’s departments

This usually costs $697

Inspection Management Solution

Inspections help your facility keep a pulse as to what is going on, maintain high quality standards, and prevent issues from ever happening in the first place.  Includes spell check, standardized responses, voice to text, signatures photo markups and much more!

Simple Intuitive Mobile App

Our platform can be learned by your staff in 15-30 minutes. We can have your exact inspection types, your team trained, and be up and running in a matter of weeks, not months or years. We empower your team with an app that uses the build in sensors to make your teams jobs easier while giving you the data you need to keep improving.

Automated Reporting

All the valuable information collected during inspections will no longer sit in some old legacy system or filing cabinet just taking up space. Our platform aggregates and analyses your data from inspections so that you can make improvements over time, notice trends, and save valuable time. 

Triggered Actions

Find an issue during an inspection, no problem. With a tap, you can trigger a work order that notifies maintenance, and can be tracked all the way to final sign off from the original inspector. We believe transparency helps your team perform faster and with a higher quality that's why our system integrates teams with easy communication.

Inspection Management Solution

More great features you will enjoy.

Quick & intuitive reporting
Simplify time/cost tracking
Photo capture with smart library and markups
Automatically generated reports
Sync your to-do list
No service, no problem
Voice to text capture for fast entry
Never lose track of an issue with location tagging

Business Intelligence Solution

Tie your Janitorial and Housekeeping efforts into Business Intelligence so you can track results, improve over time and maintain world-class quality standards. Our no programming interface give you business intelligence without the complication. 

BONUS: I.T. Teams loves us too because we don’t have to access the Venue’s network and there is no programming to set up!

No Programming Interface

We saw the struggle that venue's were having with buying software that anytime there needed to be a change, minor or major, it would require large amounts of time, money and resources. That is why we built a system that was different. Even someone who is not great with technology can go in update a form, asset, checklist, whatever it may be, with just simple drag and drop actions. No programming, No coding, No headaches.

Live Dashboards and Reports

Often times, organizations and team leaders spend most of their problem solving time just simply gathering the data and organizing it. Throw out that excel or filling cabinet because now you have a partner that will automatically go through the most up to date information, even when it is millions of lines of information, and present it to you in a way that is easily digestible and informative. 

Integrate between systems and departments

Our solution was built to handle new technologies as they immerge through an Open API. This gives us the ability to integrate to other software systems, sensors, building automation systems, you name it! All this data can then be combined into powerful reports and dashboards for insight you never thought currently possible. 

Business intelligence janitorial management software solution
fire department software testimonial

If an inspection question comes up that happened months ago, you're not digging through paperwork. You can bring it right up immediately on your computer and answer the question in detail... It's going from a metal filing cabinet to a digital notebook, and that saves a lot of time.

John McCoy 

Head of IT 

St. Pete - Clearwater International Airport

Facility Management Software Solution

Facility Management all wrapped into one neat bow.

Venues have made big strides in adopting technologies such as CMMS systems, but the problem is that most of these software systems were designed and built before smart phones or cloud technology even existed

These technologies were never design for, or even considered, your Venue’s Deskless Workforce making it cumbersome for your team in this new mobile environment. Finally, we created a better way with our Facility Management solution suite that is mobile, adaptable without programming, and comprehensive with all of the following:

  • CMMS / Work Order Solution
  • Asset / Equipment Inventory Solution
  • Inspection Management Solution
  • Parts and Materials (Coming soon!)
  • Business Intelligence

Trusted by World-Class Facilities Across the Country

Make Guest Services simple with our comprehensive solution suite.

Guest services can be extremely challenging and fast paced, which means that your team needs to tools that can keep them on their game. We build our Guest Services software suite to keep you ahead, be able to communicate quickly when an incident arrises, and improve dramatically overtime with intelligence. 

We build all of the following to integrate with your teams get it done attitude so they can have a reliable tool while on the go:

  • Incident Management & Reporting Solution
  • Quality Inspections / Audit Solution
  • Business Intelligence
Guest Services Software Solution

Security, Safety, and Compliance that isn't complicated and easy to stay on top of.

Reducing your Venue's risk profile can actually be easy with the right tools. We built a dynamic tool that your team can learn how to use in under 30 minutes, while being robust enough to handle the various aspects of security, safety, and compliance:

  • Inspections / Rounds Solution
  • Incident Management and Reporting Solution
  • Business Intelligence
Security, safety and compliance management software solution

Take your Venue into the next generation.

We've got you covered across all these areas:

See for yourself.

This is normally a $697 value to our clients.