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Below you will find some of our case studies, as well as an added bonus we have included some of our white papers and one pagers.

We love creating big impact for incredible organizations! 

We understand that your teams, projects, needs and challenges are not the exactly the same as another company even in the same industry. That's why we partner with teams across industries to build out the best solution that is custom tailored to them rather than just providing an Out-of-Box technology. 

Below you will find our Case Studies, White papers, and one pagers organized by industry. At Raxar, we want you to gain complete transparency not only in your organization, but also the outcome of working with us so you understand exactly why we are a great partner for your organization. As a result, we actually deliver a case study as a part of every single one of our projects, at no cost to you.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the following or would like to discuss some of your challenges to see if we would be a good fit to help. 

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What makes RAXAR the best solution?


Various teams work on the same system but are delivered content based on their role and permissions.


Integrate various types of sensors that your organization currently uses or wants to use. Whether that is QR/barcodes, IoT devices, connected assets, and much more!


Raxar's core platform was build mobile first to be robust yet extremely intuitive for all field teams to work both online and offline.


Raxar's GRAiT System is API enabled allowing organizations to improve their current systems easily and seamlessly.