Introducing GRAiT ™ Everything your airside and airport management business needs - all in one handy place

Raxar Technology's GRAiT ™ is a robust and intuitive solution that will streamline processes across all aspects of your airside and airport
management business. Collaborative and easy-to-use, GRAiT ™ offers an efficient and effective way to manage every department from the office or on the go.

For far too long, businesses within the airport management industry have had to rely on pen and paper, and other outdated methods to manage compliance, inspections and maintenance across all departments. These manual processes are time-consuming and unreliable, resulting in data that may be recorded incorrectly, lost, or stored in a way that is impossible to find. Fortunately, we're here with a revolutionary system that will make these problems go away. Raxar's GRAiT ™ is a mobile and all-in-one platform that will streamline your processes and make life much easier. Equipped with invaluable tools, our intuitive system provides an easy-to-use mobile field solution and downstream intelligence center that will improve your processes and streamline your workflow.

GRAiT ™ is an all-in-one platform that will streamline
inspections and springboard your airside and airport
management business straight into the future.

How raxar can help your airside
and airport management business

Simplifying the complex relationships
among different locations, assets and

Collecting richer data such as photos,
notes and automated history

Part 139 self inspection checklists
and reporting, real-time statuses
and risk ratings directly from the field

Integrating maps, floorplans and
containers to help locate,
navigate and alert the relevant
associates when any issues arise

Built for

Field Workers

  • Storing Part 139 inspection operations in one centralized location accessible from anywhere
  • Offering an easy and fast way to capture photos, draw mark-ups, and add voice-to-text notes and geo-reference non-compliant assets onto plan views
  • Eliminating the need to fill in paper forms or complete redundant admin work back at the office
  • Saving time by providing easy use of mobile devices for data collection

Built for


  • Enhancing your existing asset management, facilities and CMMS systems
  • Automatically integrating captured photos, comments and work orders from the field team into complex reports
  • Providing an easy way to monitor and assess the condition of your team's assets at any time and from any place

Built for

& Finance

  • Live dashboards
  • Access to analytics tools in just a few clicks
  • A centralized conditions database that offers transparency across your business
  • Reducing costs & improving your ROI

An intuitive system that's there for you from start to finish.

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What makes RAXAR the best solution?


Various teams work on the same system but are delivered content based on their role and permissions.

Sensor Agnostic

Integrate various types of sensors that your organization currently uses or wants to use. Whether that is QR/barcodes, iBeacons, passive/active RFID, and much more!


Raxar's core platform was build mobile first allowing organizations to collect inspection and maintenance data both online and offline while in the field.


Raxar's GRAiT System is API enabled allowing organizations to improve their current systems easily and seamlessly.