The only ada compliance solution your organization needs

Raxar's GRAiT ™ is a robust all-in-one platform that will accelerate productivity, eliminate redundancy and deliver all the tools you need to
ensure that your organization is ADA compliant. Easy-to-use, GRAiT ™ will be the only inspection software that you need to streamline all
your ADA compliance processes from inspections and reporting to work order management.

Any ADA Coordinator for a large organization knows that ADA inspections are traditionally time-consuming, overwhelming and require manual processes and dated reporting tools to identify compliance issues and barriers. The good news is those days are over. Raxar's GRAiT ™ is an innovative mobile platform that delivers reports faster and streamlines field inspections to make ADA compliance as quick and easy as possible.

Raxar's GRAiT ™ (Graphical Real-time Asset Inspection and Tracking) System provides organizations of all sizes with a simple way to manage and maintain all aspects of ADA compliance including identification of issues and potential issues, transition planning and remediation. With increased transparency across the entire process, automated reporting and an ability to prioritize your remediation efforts, GRAiT ™ will ultimately save your organization both time and money.

The easiest way to bring your
organization back into ADA compliance.

How Raxar can help with your ADA compliance

Simple to tag barriers on GPS view and plan sets
for easy translation of compliance findings
between teams

Easily attach richer data in a streamlined
fashion while in the filed such as photos,
notes and recommendations

Providing built-in ADA compliance checklists
and reference diagrams that can be easily
accessed directly from the field

Opening work orders directly against specific
ADA barriers or findings to ensure seamless
remediation across teams

Built to

Accelerate Productivity

  • Supplying inspections and reports up to 65% faster
  • Eliminating the need for paper, spreadsheets and other outdated and time-consuming methods
  • Efficiently assigning, scheduling and managing inspections from start to finish
  • Generating well-organized and easy-to-read reports in a matter of seconds

Built to

Eliminate Redundancy

  • Collecting notes, photos and remediation pricing directly in the field
  • Tagging non-compliant findings on GPS or Plan Set maps for easy visual reference
  • Automating reporting and providing access to real-time inspections results from anywhere

Built to

Deliver Solutions

  • Providing one tool to keep your entire organization in line with compliance requirements
  • Eliminating paper reports that don't adequately shed light on issues
  • Reducing costs, saving time and gaining transparency on compliance related matters

An intuitive ADA inspection and reporting system that's there for you at every step of the way.

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What makes RAXAR the best solution?


Various teams work on the same system but are delivered content based on their role and permissions.

Sensor Agnostic

Integrate various types of sensors that your organization currently uses or wants to use. Whether that is QR/barcodes, iBeacons, passive/active RFID, and much more!


Raxar's core platform was build mobile first allowing organizations to collect inspection and maintenance data both online and offline while in the field.


Raxar's GRAiT System is API enabled allowing organizations to improve their current systems easily and seamlessly.